El Barranco Perdido


Your palaeoadventure park

More than 120 million years ago dinosaurs lived in this place.

They lived in a unique enclave, in the ancient Sea of Tethys, where they left their mark. Today we continue to be amazed with their habitat, their diet, their way of life, hunting... that is, with the true nature of the great saurians.

And we can know it thanks to the fact that paleontologists have used all the tools in their power to discover the remains of one of the most amazing animals that has inhabited our planet.

On the upper floor of the access building you can enjoy a 3D projection in which the dinosaurs are the real stars.

In addition, the exhibition area, located in the same building, delves into the work of paleontologists, with a sample of the materials used and remains of an excavation. The exhibition is interactive, through games (puzzles and touch screens) in which the visitor is the protagonist.

El Barranco Perdido
Type of place Dinosaurs
Approximate cost From 11€ to 20€ per person
Accessibility Partially adapted

Rural houses in the Cidacos valley

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