Rural Houses Association of La Rioja


The Association of Rural Houses of La Rioja is a non-profit organisation, created for an indefinite period of time, which brings together the majority of the owners of LEGAL AND OFFICIAL Rural Houses in La Rioja, providers of Rural Tourism services.

It was constituted in 1996, so in 2021 it has celebrated its FIFTY-FIFTH ANNIVERSARY dedicated to the promotion of Rural Tourism, accrediting a great experience and professionalism in this sector.

At present, Ascarioja represents 78 rural houses, distributed in the different municipalities, valleys and regions of the Autonomous Community of La Rioja and has its doors open for the incorporation of new members.

Ascarioja is a member of ASETUR, the Spanish Association of Rural Tourism, which groups together the largest offer of Rural Tourism in Spain and guarantees direct contact with the owners of rural houses and their respective associations.


  • To advise and help to promote Rural Tourism in La Rioja.
  • To be the interlocutor of this sector with regard to the Administration.
  • To create, maintain and control the catalogue of rural houses in La Rioja.
  • To coordinate its members, bringing together and supporting their initiatives.
  • To create adequate marketing channels for the product "RURAL HOUSES OF LA RIOJA" in national and international markets.
  • To improve the tourist modality of rural houses in all its facets, mainly with:
  • Professional training of the owners and their employees.
  • Involvement of the owners in the management of the rural houses.
  • A commitment to quality in the services offered.

Governing bodies

The Board of Directors of Ascarioja is made up of:

  • President: José Joaquín Sanz García (Casa Rural Villa Liquidambar).
  • Secretary: Sergio Sesma Azagra (Casa Rural Muro de Aguas).
  • Treasurer: Elena Armas Martínez (La Posada del Santo).
  • Member: Ana Jesús Loyo Gómez (Casa Rural Ugarte).
  • Member: Ana Montoya Capellán (Casa Edulis).
  • Member: Silvia García Pascual (Casa Entrebosques).

Premio al Desarrollo Rural

Los IV Premios La Rioja Capital pretenden reconocer a profesionales, empresas, entidades y organizaciones que contribuyen a potenciar y revalorizar el sector agroalimentario y gastronómico como pilar estratégico en el desarrollo económico y social de la región.