Rural tourism, a sector that generates wealth in the region

Rural tourism, a sector that generates wealth in the region

Ascarioja is part of the conference by Isabel Sánchez Tejado organized by Altura on November 15th in Logroño

On November 15th, the Association of Rural Houses of La Rioja (Ascarioja) took part in the conference "Rural Tourism, a sector that generates wealth in the territory." The event, held in Logroño, is crucial for understanding and boosting a sector that not only attracts visitors but also contributes to local economic development.

The conference was organized by the Altura association and led by the renowned specialist in rural tourism, Isabel Sánchez Tejado, the founder of the School of Generative Tourism.

Distinguished representatives from the Government of La Rioja, including President Gonzalo Capellán, Tourism Director Virginia Borges, and the Director General of Territorial Policy in La Rioja, were present. Mayors from various municipalities and representatives of local action groups also attended, underscoring the community's commitment to the vitality of rural tourism.

Isabel Sánchez Tejado, the main speaker, shared her experience of over 30 years in key roles in sales, marketing, and communication in various multinational corporations. Since 2010, she has been dedicated to rural areas, applying the innovative Generative Tourism Model. This model manages a territory to transform it into a sustainable tourist destination, involving the entire community and preserving traditional sectors. As Tejado emphasizes, "without agriculture and livestock, there is no landscape."

In her presentation, Sánchez Tejado addressed the trends and development criteria of rural tourism, highlighting the importance of preserving authenticity in a market increasingly dominated by digitalization and competition among destinations. The conference provided valuable insights for all stakeholders, offering perspectives that could drive rural tourism in the region, concluding with the slogan "The future is also in rural areas."

Ascarioja reaffirms its continuous commitment to sustainable development and its contribution to the flourishing of rural tourism in La Rioja.